A community project

At its core the Small Android Phone is a community based project. There is a core team, advisors, and others dedicated to the project. But there are also a swath of zealous phone users, builders, coders, and supporters that are working to bring this project to fruition.

Core Team

We’ve been building a core team of early founders, employees from Pebble, Y Combinator and other key hardware companies. Collectively the team brings several decades of consumer hardware experience to the Small Android Phone project and shipped 10s of millions of units.

  • Eric Migicovsky

    Founder of Pebble Smartwatch, Beeper, and Y Combinator Partner. Eric invented the smartwatch. Despite being 6'6" Eric likes a phone that fits in his pocket.

  • Benjamin Bryant

    Founding marketer at Pebble Smartwatch and Earbits Radio. Benjamin was responsible for Pebble’s record breaking 20M Kickstarter campaign.

  • Alex De Stasio

    Industrial Designer formerly at Cruise, GoPro, NewDealDesign, and Pebble. His work has ranged from friendly robots to ice cream machines and everything in between.

  • Susan Holcomb

    Former Head of Data Science at Pebble turned novelist. Susan drives the project's communications and content.

  • Andrew Skotzko

    An early team member at Pebble, Andrew now focuses on product and customer research.

  • Anthony Ko

    Founder of Graph Concepts, maker of premium iPhone cases, and former project manager at File Gear.

  • Chris Hendel

    Early Product manager at Pebble Smartwatch. Chris made many of Pebble’s more forward looking projects like Pebble Concierge and Pebble Core possible.


  • Rahul Bhagat

    Rahul spearheaded Pebble’s Hardware and Ops teams. He is now driving many of the innovative hardware products coming out of Osmo.

  • Minh Nguyen

    Minh has headed operations, supply chain, and quality at a number of hardware companies including Fitbit.

Community Contributors

Whether big or small, the Small Android Phone project would not be possible without the contributions of those within the community who help move the ball forward. Our deepest thanks to them for lending a hand.

  • Rafael Roden

  • AF

    Aiman Farooq

  • MD

    Matthew Domagala

  • AYJL

    @Aren't you Jelly? Leena

  • T


  • JL

    Julia Loben

  • MT

    Mark Tofflin

  • TS

    Thomas Sparks